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What I’ve always enjoyed doing in graphic design is creative problem solving.

Design is not just about producing beautiful work. There is more to it than just nice visuals. Designers have a desire to provide a solution to a need and a problem. 

They’re also curious, observant, willing to listen, continually learn and try to communicate a creative vision from your idea.

When I’m working on solving a problem creatively, I look for directions and possibilities. See how I can view your pain points from different perspectives, and see how I can take things that feel disorganised – and make them organised.

Perspective is something that many of us take for granted – and can sometimes be really beneficial to give someone else a consideration.

My approach to your work is in 2 steps:

First, I focus on establishing an idea with you as the client. This usually involves untangling information and getting to the core of what the problem is.

It’s then about finding a creative solution to solve that problem. This then leads us into the outcomes for what the project, the style and method that you use to communicate, such as a logo, animation, or marketing campaign.

I help businesses own and express their unique value, so they choose the path that’s most right for them and their business.

I like helping businesses who have something valuable to offer, but maybe doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I want to create work that helps you to look the part so you’ll attract exciting opportunities that drive you forward.

I want to work with you on your “why you do what you do?”. Compared to some agencies that are concerned with one-off, linear work that doesn’t really go below the surface, I like to figure out what it is in your business that you’re passionate about communicating in your marketing.

So to sum up:

  • Designers have a desire to provide a solution to a need and a problem
  • Creative problem solving has a lot of emphasis on perspective
  • I like working with businesses on owning, communicating and expressing their unique value