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During my career, I’ve developed a bit of a skill wherby yes I’ll design graphics for you, but there’s a whole different side to it that you might not necessarily see.

Organising your marketing is a proper headache – how do you know if your marketing is effective and if you’re going in the right direction?

It’s a whole part of the business that’s really hard to pinpoint in 30 seconds. It involves a bit of an audit of what marketing you’ve done currently, what you want to do, and what you plan to do.

It can be a case of lots of ideas to see what works, but someone else looking at your business will give you insight that you won’t neccesarily get.

When working with businesses, my approach is that I tend to review with the client what sales they’ve had through what parts of their marketing.

It could be that if you’ve had a lot of sales through your social media, that you don’t need to develop much in that area, but if you have an opportunity with say your website where you could make more sales it’s worth doing.