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In this series of blogs, I want to talk about what attracted me to become a graphic designer in the first place, my love for going freelance, and also offer some of my own design experiences in the hope that other designers and businesses get some value and insight.

In this blog I want to reflect on the importance of creating meaningful work, that’s meaningful to you.

As a graphic designer with a diverse background, I have experienced the different facets of the industry – from in-house positions to collaborative environments in design agencies, and directly working one-to-one with clients through my freelance business.

Throughout my journey, one principle has remained steadfast: the pursuit of meaningful work.

For me, meaningful work is not just about the projects themselves, but also about the impact they have on others and the satisfaction they bring to both myself and my clients.

While running my own freelance business requires dedication and perseverance, I find purpose in the process of nurturing its growth. This is something that can eat away at your mind day and and night though however!

Despite the challenges and the time it may consume, each effort invested in expanding my business is infused with significance.

It’s about more than just financial success; it’s about the meaningful connections forged, the creative solutions delivered, and the sense of fulfillment derived from knowing that my work makes a difference.

By dedicating time and energy to cultivating my freelance venture, I am not only building a sustainable business but also creating opportunities to engage in projects that align with my values and passions.

Every step taken towards this endeavor is a step towards a more meaningful and fulfilling professional journey.