Stand graphic & advert produced to promote Transaid’s misson and charity efforts at the Microlise Transport Conference 2022.

I provided some design support to a tracking and telematics company, Microlise. During the run up to their annual transport conference, I worked with an exhibitor of the event – Transaid, on producing a stand graphic and advert to be included in the conference event brochure.

Transaid already had some existing brand guidelines that I was to follow. The same look and feel was used in the advertisement as well as the stand graphic for consistency.


  • Existing brand guidelines
  • Stand graphic and advertisement to be linked visually.
Transaid exhibition stand and advert
Transaid exhibition stand and advert
Transaid exhibition stand and advert

Working with Transaid to create a basic design that could incorporate their advertisement

After having an initial consultation with Transaid on the requirements for their stand, they advised on some specific photography they wanted to use in the design. They mentioned that the stand should include more Transaid branding, and the imagery. The design had to also include their advertisement in some location.

Using a grid format was a simple way to include the imagery and allow them to sit away from the literature rack and other elements that might obstruct the photography.

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  • The stand design had to use some specific photography
  • The stand also had to include their advertisement, which I also put together as part of the service.