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Think of that one ad that you keep seeing time and time again, on social media or printed on a billboard.

When you think about it, it sticks in your head doesn’t it? Larger campaigns like this have much more potential to stick in your audiences mind, locking your brand into their subconscious.

On average, larger campaigns can run for a few months, even up to a few years, and that timeframe will allow you more creativity. Instead of running several different ads to see how they perform – one strategy you could use, is where you use different headline variations for the separate pieces of content that will be used, but link them to the overall concept that’s been developed for the campaign.

This is an approach that you could use for people to see the same visuals, but the changing of the messaging adds a bit of variation, keeping people engaged.

As large campaigns have to communicate an idea effectively, and the visuals have to work across multiple assets: ad spaces on desktop, mobile, social media, video, animation and print – there are lots of considerations when a concept is developed.

From my experience, this has worked particularly well in the tech industry where for example, you’re launching a webinar to promote a product launch – you could have a set visual style for this scenario, enabling you to change the messaging, and keep a consistent look and feel for these communications.

So to sum up:

  • Campaigns that are run for a longer period of time are more likely to have build up some recognition with your audience.
  • Larger campaigns allow for more flexibility and creativity with your messaging.
  • As larger campaigns work on multiple assets, there’s much more visibility for your campaign and more potential for people to reach you.