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Anyone thinking you’ll loose time and money when developing and implementing a rebrand, I wanted to give a few points from some of my experience.

If you’re thinking about a rebrand, you may have already considered the amount of work involved in the project, and just thinking about how many touch-points your brand works across can be quite overwhelming to try and plan yourself.

For example, all your online content such as your website, social media, any online advertisements and internal email designs.

Also all of your printed and physical stuff – for example, your company business cards, any printed signage, company uniform, brochures and company magazines. 

Part of the role of designer in working with you on a project like this, is to consider all the parts of your company that will change now, and in the future.

I would also make suggestions on any parts of your brands and promotion that you might of not considered.

Using a technology company as an example, a future consideration might be a personalised email to certain portions of your customer base, just giving them the latest product release updates.

How would visual identity be set in this scenario? It could be that there is an extra visual element or tint of colour introduced in the header image for this project, but still looking part of the set of your brand collateral if you were to look at them all side by side.

Bringing things back to my point, thinking about as many considerations now, would save you the headache of having to think about redesigning these assets in the future.

As much as you want to just get stuff out there – planning is everything.

Sure, you may have to put up with the distraction of reviewing and finalising all your brand elements, and I understand it is a big risk to trust someone else with your whole company image, but thats where sometimes you have to give up creative control.