Stand graphic & full page advert produced to promote their digital fleet solution at the Microlise Transport Conference 2022

I provided some design support to a tracking and telematics company, Microlise. During the run up to their annual transport conference, I worked with an exhibitor of the event –, on producing a stand graphic and advert to be included in the conference event brochure.

The content supplied aimed to promote’s digital fleet solution at the event, and give an introduction to them. They already had some existing brand guidelines that I was to follow. The same content and design was used in the advertisement as well as the stand graphic for consistency.


  • Existing brand guidelines
  • Stand graphic and advertisement to be linked visually. exhibition graphic and advertisement exhibition graphic and advertisement exhibition graphic and advertisement exhibition graphic and advertisement

Creating a bold design for both the stand and advert

As there were quite a few colour options as part of the branding guidelines – it was first a case of finding the correct combination that would work well together. The full colour logo was kept as the primary starting point, with some darker background imagery, and hints of some of the brighter colours to pull out the product name and web address.

The composition of the background image worked well to create a focus point on the full page advert to draw the viewer in. As there was more space to work with for the full page, it was just about sizing and positioning the content to create a nice balance between a large image space, and some bold content.

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  • Using the full brand marque as a visual element
  • Consistent layout that adapted to the advert.