Business Plan Design

Road to Logistics is a not-for-profit organisation founded by one of the former directors of Microlise. The aim of the charity is to help long-term unemployed back into work through the transport industry. This business plan that was sent to Government to apply for funding.

I incorporated elements of the current branding in combination with corporate styling to produce an exciting document that would have a great first impression. I produced this document along with the board members at Microlise, so that it could be sent to UK government to request funding.


  • Branding already existed so the style had to fit in
  • Document was to be printed
  • An exciting style had to be produced as this document was a one-off.

Printed business plan

Elements that were important to highlight in the brochure were:

  • Some key facts about how the organisation benefits those ex offenders
  • The issue of the driver shortage
  • Individual case studies from candidates
  • Also a personal approach from the founding members.


  • Business plan was designed for A4 print
  • Using lots of soft shapes and soft contrast to give the plan a light look and feel
  • Giving the case studies of candidates that the organisation helped a double page spread gave their stories some real importance and attention.