FounderX: Custom Web Design with Content Management System (CMS) for Optimal Conversions

In collaboration with FounderX, a dynamic Nottingham-based company. I was tasked with creating a basic yet impactful website to kickstart their online presence. Having previously worked on their brand identity, this project just extended the existing visual language into the digital space.

The site serves as a springboard for FounderX’s future aspirations, with planned enhancements such as a members-only download area, ensuring their site aligns with their evolving business objectives.

The client had an idea of the sort of functionality, look and feel of the site, and also the content that they wanted. My approach for a project like this was as follows:

  1. Finding a theme that would capture the functionality they were looking for, and also still be adaptable enough for future development
  2. Creating a content plan to show a rough outline of the structure of the site before the design stage with conversion rates in mind
  3. Designing the most important 2 pages of the site to show the initial look and feel with brand consideration
  4. Developing a full site with basic seo work as well as testing and reviews like I do on every website project.


  • Client had a specific content management system (cms) that they wanted me to build the site with
  • I had to research into other non-standard functionality that came with the site to ensure that platform could achieve what they needed
  • Although an obvious goal when creating a starting point for a website, I discussed with the client the route that the user would always take to achieve conversions.
FounderX: Custom Web Design, Content Management System (CMS) for Optimal Conversions