Brochure Design for Avenue29 – Property & Corporate Video Production Company

I recently worked with Avenue29, a property and corporate video production agency located in Nottingham, on an engaging brochure project.

Avenue29 provided an initial layout for the brochure, but since the final product was intended for on-screen viewing rather than print, we decided to enhance the design by expanding the number of pages.

This allowed for a more spacious layout, enabling the content to breathe and ensuring a visually appealing digital experience.

Working closely with Tom from Avenue29 was a pleasure, and his passion for creating a brochure that stood out from the typical corporate norm was evident throughout the project.

Tom supplied several high-quality photographs and technical drawings that we worked to make the center of the packages section. We also looked at ways to break up large sections, by using other graphic elements.

The collaborative effort aimed to infuse a unique character into the brochure, deviating from the standard corporate style. If you’d like to find out more about Avenue29 click here.


  • Existing branding that I was to follow
  • Avenue29 already had an idea of a layout that they supplied in a PDF, although I advised on an alternative that we used for the final
  • Specific pricing and photographs were to be used.

We asked Ben to design a brochure for us to distribute to prospective clients. We were very happy with the work produced, Ben provided consistently good design whilst being a pleasure to deal with.

Tom UnwinAvenue29