Logo Design Work for Ukraine Not-for-profit

A recent logo project I worked on for not-for-profit organisation operating from the UK and in Ukraine, called In Response.

In Response provide support for individuals suffering in the Ukraine war.

It was really fun to work on the project with the founder Andriy, and find out about the hard work he’s doing sourcing vehicles and other supplies to be sent to Ukraine 🇺🇦

Andriy had a clear idea of what he wanted with the logo.

The outcome of the initial consultation with Andriy was to redraw the logo with some recommendations,  and also create a separate design.

My initial versions looked at communicating the idea of community.

After designing some alternate versions, we developed the final one together to a point where Andriy was proud of it.

For anyone interested in seeing the work Andriy does, please drop him an email to [email protected].

You can also follow their Facebook here for updates.


  • Existing logo that had an initial design
  • The new logo had to stay within the theme of not-for-profit, community and signify that Ukraine was part of it’s core.
In Response Logo Design

Other Initial Logo Concepts