Advert Design for Fleet and Distribution Software – Microtools

Back in 2017 whilst I was working at tracking and telematics company Microlise, there was an opportunity to work on a brochure with one of Microlise’s partners MAN on a brochure.

MAN wanted to create a brochure to market a telematics offering of theirs, that Microlise were involved in.

After an initial briefing with the Head of Marketing at Microlise, it was decided that MAN would send all of the relevant imagery they wanted to feature, and the brochure copy would be written together between Microlise and MAN and would be provided as well separately.

Being restricted to A4 size and unable to further reduce the supplied copy, I had to incorporate a large product screenshot while maintaining a natural marketing brochure layout.

If you’d like to find out more about MAN Truck & Bus UK, you can check out the webpage here. If you’d like to find out more about Microise, you can check out the webpage here.


  • Existing brand guidelines that I had to follow
  • Design had to have prominence of large screenshots, and also have a traditional marketing brochure look and feel.