Logo design & marketing collateral for international business support company, FounderX.

I worked with one of the partners of FounderX, a company that helps support international business founders set up their business in the UK.

I worked with her on creating a logo and a presentation deck that would be shown initially to business founders that were looking for support.

Like all of my logo design and branding projects, I had an initial few meetings with the partner where I worked to:

  1. Establish a difference from competition
  2. Develop research into visuals surrounding the business keywords and
  3. Look to create a more refined visual style unique to the goals of the business and who they were looking to appeal to.

This would lead the Founderx logo & overall brand going forwards.

Once we’d developed the initial look and feel alongside the logo as a starting point, the next step for the presentation design was developing imagery and layouts specific to that style and working within those constraints to bring the initial brand idea to life.


  • No existing brand
  • Company is targeting international business founders, so the brand had to communicate a sense of international inclusion within the imagery, being prestige and dynamic
  • As the business founders would be making a big step in their life and potentially moving with family to the UK, there was a big element of trust and solidarity that had to be established with the brand.

Other Initial Logo Concepts

Presentation Design

FactorX Marketing Collateral Presentation Design 1
FounderX Marketing Collateral Presentation Design 2