Logo Design & Marketing Collateral for Airline Travel Tech Company

A recent logo and marketing collateral project I worked on with a pilot from the US called “Jet-Setting”.

Bryan, the founder had created an app himself which allows pilots to submit travel recommendations on places they stop over between flights.

He was looking to promote this app as the “exclusive layover travel app for airline crews” – and wanted to produce a business card and flyer to do some small promotion to see how the app would do once promoted.

My initial consultation with Bryan looked at pinpointing exactly what sort of look and feel he had in mind – which he was really passionate and I thought it would be a great idea (not to mention fun) to try and bring back some elements from the “Golden Age of Flying” from the 1960’s.

This had to show through in the logo and the branded collateral.

This was a really fun project to work on and definitely not your everyday tech company!

You can find out more about the jet-setting app and project at: here.


  • Founder had a logo design planned out that he wanted to see.
  • The look and feel was to be completley unique and be a not to the “Golden Days of Flying” from the 1960’s.
  • The logo was to have a simplified version developed for use on the app store.
Jet Setters Full Logo ONLY RGB
Jet Setters Single Colour Logo RGB
Jet-Setting Airline Tech Logo & Marketing Collateral

Business Card & Flyer Designs

Jet-Setting Travel App Business Card (Front)
Jet-Setting Travel App Business Card (Back)
Jet-Setting Travel App A4 Flyer