Advert Design for Fleet and Distribution Software – Microtools

I worked with the owner of Novate Ltd on a print advertisement for Microtools, a fleet and distribution software that is of benefit to Microlise customers. The advert was to be printed in the Microlise Transport Conference 2023 welcome brochure. Having already been commissioned in the past to support Microlise with their conference, I was already familier with the specs and process surrounding the project.

This print and had to take inspiration from an existing webpage that had already been created. It was important that the Microtools product had more prominence in this advertisement, and that the product benefits were at the forefront of the design.

I then produced a couple of design variations using different parts of the content.

Due to the fact that we were limited to A4, there was quite a lot of room to work with, but it did involve removing some information from the original webpage.

Overall it was a really fun project to work on with Mark on this project. I continue to have a positive relationship going forward with Novate Ltd and look forward to future projects together.

If you’d like to find out more about the Microtools product, you can check out the webpage here.

The owner Mark, has years of experience in building web applications, products and applications and runs his own business at Novate Ltd. If you’d like to check out some of their work, click here.


  • Existing webpage and branding that I was to follow
  • Design to be produced for a professional print job in the Microlise Transport Conference 2023 welcome brochure.