Creative Visuals for MHR Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaign

This was a campaign in collaboration with a colleague at my last in-house role at MHR. The brief was to create branded website and social media takeovers to promote the Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Specifically for the analytics brand of the business, the creative had to be in keeping with the current guidelines, and come across as a unique visual that could be animated and be able to be used as statics.


  • Animated homepage video
  • Email design
  • Social media imagery
  • Imagery for website takeover.
Black Friday Campaign Email Mockup
Black Friday Campaign Web Page Mockup Fullwidth Highres scaled

bespoke text with 3d treatment

I looked at a way that I could show the messaging without following a traditional Black Friday creative that used bricks. The neon lighting was still used in the final outcome to show the link to Black Friday imagery that people would recognise. The fun part was the manipulating of the text through experimentation.

I found an effective technique was to alter the points that made up the text, that allowed the wording to become an engaging animation that forms a complete picture. As there were lots of details in the lettering, they lended themselves well to different angles and lighting to give the imagery some variation and impact too.


  • Using text only allowed the message to be portrayed in the most simple method
  • The creative approach came in manipulating the text in a creative way
  • Use of different angles, colour variations and lighting.