Campaign imagery to promote the MHR Analytics Virtual Summit

I was briefed to create an online campaign to promote a virtual summit. Based on analytics themes, this was to be used on social media and on MHR’s website. The visuals were to be used to promote different aspects of the event, such as the speakers and the general topics.

MHR Analytics already had some existing brand imagery that included data nodes, fonts and a colour palette that I was to stick to. I had to portray the themes somehow within the imagery, and also make the imagery adaptable so that variations could be created for the different assets.


  • Landing page header
  • Email header
  • Social card imagery
  • Animated header image.
MHRA Virtual Summit Email Mockup

Creation of dynamic data inspired visuals

I looked at creating a variation with the brand colours, while using the search terms of the event around the outside of the visuals to create an adaptable and dynamic look.

This data nodes imagery that the design team had developed meant there was lots of  room for exploration and using different techniques with the lighting and camera blurs to create a futuristic look.


  • Adaptable imagery that could be used in different screen sizes
  • Visual identity that would promote the event.