3 web design concepts based on identity automation, tech and storytelling

I worked on creating 3 different concepts for Cloudbridge. The brief was to produce an aspect of storytelling and show the human element in conjunction with the idea of automated AI.

They had sent me a few visuals for reference, which were in a clean and bold style. As part of the process I analysed the competition to see what visuals were currently being used, and how I could work to make Cloudbridge’s unique.


  • 3 different concepts
  • No amendments to the content
  • Client wanted a storytelling aspect.
Cloudbridge Web Design Concepts

Bespoke design concepts

Concept 1 used dynamic shapes in reference to the identity aspect, and a way to hint at the technology industry. Concept 2 used block shapes and large typographical statements that were supported by powerful visuals. This used more people focused imagery to communicate the empowering of employees.

Concept 3 used a more abstract and simple approach, with more emphasis on shapes and clean icon illustrations. The lines tied the sections together with the icons, ensuring the viewer always saw a journey and be told a story. The typography was picked to represent the feeling of being futuristic.


  • Bespoke imagery created for each design
  • Animated header imagery created.