Simple website for a sports organisation that wanted to raise awareness of its mission

I worked with the founders of China-Britain FC in creating a simple website, that would get them up and running and provide information about their mission and football programmes. In our first session we discussed the features of the website and established that a one-page site would be best.

Their goal was to create awareness of their organisation and mission in connecting English and Chinese football, and the site had to give some initial impact to their brand (which they had a bit of a starting point for in terms of imagery and look and feel). They already had a logo and some imagery available.


  • Single page website to be created initially
  • Some existing brand elements already could be used
  • The design had to be simple and give help their brand have impact.
China-Britain FC Website Design
China-Britain FC Website Design
China-Britain FC Website Design

Email Design that Emphasised Testimonial Quotes and Used a Recognisable Emblem

First of all , I looked at creating a wireframe, that would illustrate how the structure of the website content would roughly sit together. The next step was looking at the design and how I could elevate their current brand and create more of a China-Britain FC experience. Imagery was a mix of their own photos, and also suitabe imagery that I sourced. I worked on bringing through more of the brand colours into the imagery, and really focusing on impact through the way the photos were crafted.

The editing on the imagery gave the brand a much more striking experience that’s often used in sports brands – with lots of contrast, sharpened textures and lighting elements. The sections of the website were divided by punchy headings that helped separate the groups of content. The client also wanted to add a media page at a later date, that then followed the same theme. Overall the layout I created was simple, and adapted well when viewed on mobile or tablet.


  • One page theme created, with the option to add additional pages
  • Simple layout that was adaptable to changing on mobile devices
  • Image treatment in Photoshop to make the photos more engaging and onbrand.