Website redesign for a technical safety engineering company

The owner and his colleague of Control and Safety Eng Limited approached me about redesigning his current website. In our introductory session, we established that there wasn’t any changes needed to his logo, branding or content of the website, it was simply a case of finding ways to make the website more clear, easy to navigate and easy for the user to find what area they were looking for.

The owner also had a specific goal in making the services as prominent as possible, and wanted a way to have seperate pages for each, as they currently were all included on one page in the current site. He’d also mentioned that he had a few technical diagams that he wanted people to view as large as possible due to the complexity of them, but on the current site, there wasn’t a way to view them in a larger size without downloading the image manually.


  • Design and build of their website required
  • They already had an existing domain that they wanted to keep
  • Their goal with the new site was to make the services more prominent
  • No changes required to the content or brand imagery.

A more organised, simple and and straight forward website for a company that had a lot of technical services to offer

I worked with the owner of Control and Safety Eng Limited to look at ways to make the site more easier to digest in terms of the different areas that you might be looking for.

The main recommendations that I made were:

The services should have their own introductory session on the homepage.

Control and Safety had some specific software diagrams that they wanted to include on the page, and allow the user to be able to see the image as big as possible (due to the technical nature of the image).

I advised that they would be better included in a gallery that would allow the user to click through in full screen.

To help bring as much attention to the services pages as possible, the homepage should feature a few of the main services that they work with.

They also asked for a way for a user to access their brochure. This was just a simple download link with a form attached, so that the details can be captured before the user could download the form.


  • Gallery added for technical drawings that had the option to open in full screen
  • More organised menu structure
  • Option to download their brochure from the site and capture details in a form.

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