Landing page to promote exhibitor spaces for the Microlise Transport Conference

I worked with Marketing Director and Event Marketing Manager initially to establish some goals that they wanted the landing page to achieve.

They mentioned that the landing page should show the size and scale of the success of the conference, and present the professionalism of the event and what exhibitors would receive for their money.


  • Page refresh for Microlise to promote their annual conference on a single page
  • Goals were to drive exhibitor registrations and display the benefits of exhibiting.
Microlise Transport Conference Landing Page

Landing Page that Focused on Highlighting the Past Success and Scale of the Event

The conference always has high level videography and photography on the day. I thought it would be effective in utilising this in the testimonial section and in the header image.

Where possible I used bold and striking stats to emphasize the large scale of the event, and also the past success of the conference.


  • Use of conference specific imagery showing different areas and situations of the day
  • Utilizing past testimonials
  • Use of footage from exhibitors to really give the conference more proof of how successful an event it is.