Creative Visuals for Testimonial Focused Email

This email was created as part of the “We love Jigsaw” campaign for Jigsaw24. Aimed at the technology sector, the campaign involved creating a bespoke graphic that would allow different customer logos to be used.

The campaign focus was around customer testimonials. There would be a series of emails that promoted the benefits and savings that their customers had seen, using Jigsaw24 technology in their schools.


  • Bespoke graphic to be created
  • Had to have the ability to swap the logo
  • Focusing on testimonials from customers.
"We Love Jigsaw24" Email Campaign on Laptop
We love Jigsaw email mockup

Email Design that Emphasised Testimonial Quotes and Used a Recognisable Emblem

I looked at the concept of creating a badge or emblem, something that would relate well to the education sector. With the use of badges and rewards I thought this would be an effective visual link. The emblem included a small space for logos to be changed.

I created a template for the email that featured customer testimonials full width, which gives it some prominence. The email used education focused imagery in the header, and also included product and insights that would also relate to the education industry specifically.


  • Use of education specific imagery to appeal to that sector
  • Testimonial made prominent to draw attention to the customer savings
  • Bespoke emblem allowed header imagery to sit behind it, and make the header flow into the body content.