One of the set in animated data protection courses

The stakeholders in one of my in-house roles submitted a brief for a bespoke set of courses on data protection. There were some data protection courses existing, which were fairly basic in terms of the styling.

The stakeholders wanted a really creative output, complete with an audio track that would run through the set. There was already content written to be used, and there was to be no voiceover, so I had to make sure the visuals took the prominence. This is one of the final courses in the set.


  • Content was already written
  • Animation had to be more engaging than previous course
  • Stakeholders wanted a real creative look.

One of the set in animated data protection courses

I worked with the stakeholders to create a rough storyboard of how the styling would sit, the timings and how the sound effects would work together with the animation. I worked with the head of design for him to create some 3D assets for me to use within the project to give it a unique look. I also produced some of the 3D myself.

There was regular reviews held between myself and the stakeholders at the concept storyboarding stage, design review stages, and at the point in the project where the animation was ready to be rolled out. I worked closely to make sure the overall look was aligning with their vision.


  • Storyboards created from a script
  • Bespoke backgrounds, objects and animations created
  • Sound effects were included
  • A unique audio track was sourced.